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The Learning Process

How does our platform work?

Learn On-Demand

Watch videos from exam board specific courses across STEM subjects and test your knowledge.

Understand Your Performance

Monitor your progress and analyse your strengths and weaknesses using our machine learning powered analytics panel.

Get Tailored Tuition

Receive 1-1 Individualised tutoring on areas you need help with from a hand-matched tutor. Improving your grades.

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Schools & Teachers

Help your students during COVID

Teach Throughout Lockdown

Create structured courses for your students, provide on-demand videos, questions and resources, for when you can’t teach in person.

Improve Student Outcomes

Give students the ability to analyse their own performance and take ownership over their own education.

Save Time

Access our public library of GCSE and A-Level STEM courses.

Intervene Quickly

Identify areas of difficulty for individual students early using our class-wide analytics panel.

Help us make a difference in your school

Create courses, access on-demand content and see how your students are doing. We’re helping schools get through COVID for free. Schedule a chat with us today.


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Get full access to our platform, including: on-demand content, individualised analytics and school courses.

1-1 Tutoring

£18-35 / Hour

Bespoke, handpicked tutors ready to help address student weaknesses identified through EdEq analytics.

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Access 250+ hours of content, in-depth analytics and bespoke tutoring today.

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